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Your strength in promising times. Also across the border.

People manager, keep an eye on the financial picture, … An entrepreneur is often at home from all markets, but this often threatens to lose sight of something that is essential for the future of the company: strategy. If you want to seize opportunities and let the company grow, you need a strategy, a vision, a plan.

From finance to strategic solutions and from HR issues to business strategy. ABC Global inspires, advises and acts during the route as a sounding board. The final destination is strong and sustainable business. Your wishes, opportunities and challenges are put in a plan. ABC Global coaches you during this growth process towards successful entrepreneurship.

Do you want to enter the foreign market, but do you have little experience with doing business abroad? ABC Global will gladly help you on your way to take your first step across the border. In the context of the Starters International Business (SIB), ABC Global is partnering up with Klok and Go, which is a by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency appointed coach . Interested in individual coaching that fully meets your needs? Request your individual SIB coaching voucher quickly and enjoy the financial benefit..

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