Super Mesh Nebulizer


Portable Super Mesh vibrating Nebulizer or respirator that sprays liquid medication into lung as aerosols, it can be applied to the baby and kids when they are sleeping but without any disturbing. NePlus® combines practicality with efficiency in a unique colorful design, making NePlus® perfect for infants, children and adults alike. Tubeless, light-weight, and cordless operation [...]

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CPR band


These products provide real-time CPR feedback to students and instructors during CPR training. You can practice and evaluate, and collect chest compressions data and report the results of the evaluation. These features can be introduced economically without the need to replace existing dolls. In Korea, institutions conduct CPR training in several places. They strive to use [...]

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Smart Farming


Smart Farming means that plants (or animals) get precisely the treatment they need, determined with great accuracy thanks to the latest technology. A range of forms of technology are used to this end, including sensor technology, ICT and robotics. Technology can assist in strategic decision-making at farm level as well as with operational actions at plant [...]

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Nixie clock tubes


A Nixie tube or cold cathode display is an electronic device for displaying numerals or other informationusing glow discharge. The glass tube contains a wire-mesh anode and multiple cathodes, shaped like numerals or other symbols. Applying power to one cathode surrounds it with an orange glow discharge. The tube is filled with a gas at low [...]

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Wonju Medical Industry Techno valley


Wonju Medical Industry Techno Valley Foundation is non profit foundation government funded for medical device industry in Gangwon Province. The Gangwon Medical Equipment Show (GMES) is an annual exhibition and trade fair that brings together various medical equipment manufacturers to the Gangwon province. GMES has been successfully held since 2006 attracting visitors each year from [...]

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Near Bébé


Now you can sleep comfortably because with the Korean device you can follow your child and sleep comfortably.The device is installed at the length of the child or his underwear and is delivered with smartphones.Recording the child's heat and giving an alert in case of rising heat from normal rates.The device monitors the sleeping status of [...]

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Custom made sensors


ABC Global is developing and manufacturing custom made small and powerful sensors. Together with our Korean partner we are developing and manufacturing custom made small and powerful sensors. Sensors will be become a big part in everyday life. Measuring the different parameters is realatively easy, the problem lies in wireless solutions and with the data [...]

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Fire prevention


Innovative fire prevention materialsThe aerosol employs a fire extinguishing agent consisting of very fine solid particles and gaseous matter to extinguish fires. The condensed aerosol microparticles and effluent gases are generated by the exothermic reaction; until discharged from the device, the particles remain in vapor state.It concerns a very effective and high quality fire extinguisher that [...]

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Lifekeeper – Escape Smoke Hood


This life saving escape smoke hood is practical, easy, simple and safe. Why is the product Lifekeeper so important? Please check below link and you know the answer! http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/smoke_inhalation_is_the_most_common_cause_of_death_in_house_fires Click on the link below to download the product presentation Likekeeper product presentation

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