Super Mesh Nebulizer

//Super Mesh Nebulizer

Super Mesh Nebulizer

Portable Super Mesh vibrating Nebulizer or respirator that sprays liquid medication into lung as aerosols, it can be applied to the baby and kids when they are sleeping but without any disturbing.

NePlus® combines practicality with efficiency in a unique colorful design, making NePlus® perfect for infants, children and adults alike.
Tubeless, light-weight, and cordless operation provides unmatched portability and ease of use.
User friendly features such as compact size, quiet and low power consumption makes NePlus® a completely flexible nebulizer that can be taken almost anywhere and anytime.

With its innovative super mesh technology that produces stable and fine medication particles which deposit deeply inside the respiratory tract to achieve effective treatment of asthma and other respiratory ailments.
This is just the right equipment for your medications to treat emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) or other lungs illness. NePlus® produces cool mists which come on instantly, therefore allowing more efficient and effective drug delivery which makes a NePlus® a convenient alternative to Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI).

It operates in an inclined position making it suitable for bedbound patients. Even for undiluted medication or thick and sticky medication such as Pulmicort®, NePlus®can convert the liquid to useful fine mist without braking or damaging the medication. (For your information, the ultrasonic type nebulizer is strictly prohibited by medical doctors because it will be deformed medication due to high frequency which will be coming 2~3 Mhz, that’s the reason why ultrasonic type nebulizers are not so popular in these days, even it was developed 20 years ago).

You can use either distilled or normal saline water with physician-prescribed medication to create an effective high frequency mist. Delivers most solution medications, including Albuterol®, Alupent®, Salbutamol®, Brokosol®, Combivent®,DuoNeb®, Intal®, Isuprel®,Pulmicort®, Respules®, Proventil®, Ventolin®,Xopenex®.

There are nothing residuals of medication, low power consumption and auto power off function makes NePlus® very economic nebulizer.
No need to replace the filter and medicine cups and no need to new battery, which can save a lot of cost on the replacement parts.
NePlus® is equipped with highly efficient and safe battery that can be recharged over 500 times. Save you the cost of the ordinary batteries.

Say goodbye to your old, bulky and noisy nebulizer machine and hello to this brand new ultra-efficient portable nebulizer unit (NePlus®).