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CPR band

These products provide real-time CPR feedback to students and instructors during CPR training. You can practice and evaluate, and collect chest compressions data and report the results of the evaluation. These features can be introduced economically without the need to replace existing dolls.
In Korea, institutions conduct CPR training in several places. They strive to use products like CPRBAND to gain a competitive edge from other organizations. Organizations use CPRBAND to attract as many students as possible by introducing good skills at a minimum price.

In addition, our products will provide remote training capabilities. CPR educational institutions can create affordable CPR training programs by creating distance education and renting products. This will reduce the burden on employers and attract more students.

Our products are also made for medical use. Medical CPRBAND provides the functions of smart bands such as watches and health care. It will be available in Europe in early 2019. See attached product presentation.

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