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Near Bébé

Now you can sleep comfortably because with the Korean device you can follow your child and sleep comfortably.
The device is installed at the length of the child or his underwear and is delivered with smartphones.
Recording the child’s heat and giving an alert in case of rising heat from normal rates.

The device monitors the sleeping status of a child either on his back or abdomen or on one side and gives an alert to any condition of changing the child’s status or waking up.

Also the child’s breathing rate and the rate of its abdominal movement is monitored,  including an alarm feature in cases of changing breathing rates as breast sensitivity or constipation. The device is measuring skin moisture to predict skin infections from wetness and diaper infections.

All readings are recorded on their app from the first day to 30 days.
Made in Korea from perfectly safe materials on children and suitable for all skin types.